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Aug 1949 stampless mail ex GAZA Egypt to RAMLA Israel via Red Cross J'LEM & TLV

Late 1948-49 War Red Cross mail: 22 AUG 1949 stampless cover from GAZA with English & Arabic handwritten address to Arab resident(?) at street address in "El Ramleh Palestine" (RAMLA Israel), care of the Commission of the Red Cross in Jerusalem; censored in Gaza prior to being transferred to the Red Cross, who added their Geneva cachet on the front & transferred the letter to the TEL AVIV delegation of the Red Cross, whose rare cachet is tied to the center of the front; opened gently at back, vertically folded. Rare non-POW mail / unusual postal link, not documented in Kibble. Around this time, May-June 1949, the military governorate of Ramle ended and was replaced by a civilian council.