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    *NOTE: most photos of the merchandise on this site are not to scale.
  2. All prices shown are quoted in US Dollars ($) and do not include VAT. Orders in Israel can be transacted in New Israeli Shekels (NIS/ILS) as per the exchange rate on the day of the transaction; orders in Israel will be charged a discounted VAT rate of 5% (until such time that the VAT falls below 5%...).
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  5. Orders usually ship within 24 hours of clearance of payment unless we are out of the office.
  6. We reserve the right to alter, adjust or change our terms of sale.
  7. On sales of ancient coins or items requiring special import documentation by certain countries, it is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain these documents. Such sales and representations are handled by an American branch and these activities are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware.
  8. All matters arising on account of a sale (except those of the provision above) shall be decided under the laws of the State of Israel, where the exclusive jurisdiction of Jerusalem Courts is agreed upon.
  9. In any case of doubt the English version of these Terms will be the binding document.
As this is an online mail-order business we do not have a store with visiting hours. If you would like to meet us, to sell or consign materials, or see materials in person, please contact us ahead of time in order to schedule an appointment.

Historama is committed to deal strictly and only with authentic and genuine merchandise (original pieces dating to the period they belong to, manufactured by the sources that are known to have produced them, etc.); we do not deal with or present articles which we know or suspect to be reproductions, fakes, altered or otherwise 'problematic' pieces. In the rare event that we present a piece which we know or suspect to inauthentic, we will state so directly in the item description: in the absence of such a comment, the item we describe is being presented as a piece we believe to be genuine.

As a business operating under a VAT number (and not under the protections of a limited liability company), we cannot explicity promise to "guarantee originality" of all our merchandise as this would potentially leave us open to legal action for up to seven years from the date of a sale in the event that our promise is either exploited by others or a genuine mistake on our part is made.

Terms of Metals Used:
The terms "gold", "silver", "bronze" and others in item descriptions are used to define the coloration, finish or grade of a certain award or badge and do not imply, unless otherwise stated, that the item is manufactured from pure gold, silver or bronze, etc.

Coins & Numismatics


Denmark - 10 Ore, silver coin, 1915, AU. Key date in this sub-series, with light wear but excellent details. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם דנמרק

Sales price: $10.00
Item code: 0010144

Product details


Denmark, 10 Ore coin - 1944 N/GJ, zinc, AU (KM 49.2a). German wartime occupation issue. Excellent luster. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם דנמרק

Sales price: $7.00
Item code: 0010101

Product details


Denmark, 25 Ore coin - 1939 N/GJ, copper-nickel, VF-EF (KM 50.2). מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם דנמרק

Sales price: $10.00
Item code: 0010100

Product details


France, 10 Centimes coin - 1946 B, zinc. VF - EF, with nice color and toning. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם צרפת צרפתיות

Sales price: $10.00
Item code: 0010031

Product details


France, 20 Centimes coin - 1945 (no mintmark), zinc. Fourth Republic issue. A well struck AU piece exhibiting strong luster, full details and crisp mill-marks along the edge. The spec on the top...

Sales price: $12.00
Item code: 0010019

Product details


Germany, 10 Pfennig coin - 1945 A, zinc, VF-EF. Third Reich issue; with light oxidation and a few tiny corrosion dots (KM 101). מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם גרמניה גרמניות רייך שלישי

Sales price: $15.00
Item code: 0010080

Product details


Germany, 5 Pfennig coin - 1942 A, zinc, Unc (KM 100). Excellent detail. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם גרמניה גרמניות רייך שלישי

Sales price: $5.00
Item code: 0010102

Product details


Germany / Hannover - 2 Pfennig coin, copper, 1862 B, EF-AU. Nice toning, some original luster. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם גרמניה גרמניות

Sales price: $18.00
Item code: 0010154

Product details


Iceland - 1 Krona coin, aluminum-bronze, 1940, EF-AU. Though part of Denmark, while the mother country was occupied by the Germans, Iceland was under Allied control, and this piece was minted in...

Sales price: $8.00
Item code: 0010140

Product details


Iceland - 10 Aurar coin, zinc, 1942, VF-EF. A piece with excellent detail, though some of it is obscured by dirt; obscure detail on rev. mostly due to wear. Oxidation spot on the obverse. Minted in...

Sales price: $5.00
Item code: 0010142

Product details


Iceland - 25 Aurar coin, zinc, 1942, VF-EF. A piece with excellent luster and detail, but has a coat of oxidation which detracts from the quality (hence its grading). Minted in London during the...

Sales price: $7.00
Item code: 0010141

Product details


Israel 'Wedding Medal' state medal in tombac (SM-57) with double-die error, 1978. Large 59mm piece bearing 'State of Israel' in English and Hebrew on the edge, along with mintage number 2932. The...

Sales price: $135.00
Item code: 0010139

Product details


Israel: 10 Agorot 1961 with scarce Arabic "Patcha" accent mark, in VF-EF, IMM-A10-2a/KM-26.

Sales price: $75.00
Item code: 0131232

Product details


Israel - 25 Mils, aluminum, 1949 closed-link, UNC. Lovely polished finish. מילות מפתח: מטבעות מישראל ישראליות 25 מיל תש"ט

Sales price: $25.00
Item code: 0010148

Product details


Netherlands - 1 Cent coin, zinc, 1941, F-VF. World War II German occupation issue. Nice, detailed appearance but surface suffers from corrosion (hence the grade). מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון...

Sales price: $4.00
Item code: 0010156

Product details


Netherlands - 1 Cent, zinc, 1944, AU. World War II German occupation issue. Some tiny surface bubbles on obv. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם הולנדיות

Sales price: $12.00
Item code: 0010157

Product details


Netherlands - 25 Cents, zinc, 1943, AU. World War II German occupation issue. Coin exhibits some original luster. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם הולנדיות

Sales price: $35.00
Item code: 0010158

Product details

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