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Eretz Israeli Chaim Arlozorov memorial plaquette - Meir Gur-Aryeh Bezalel School

Palestine/Yishuv: Chaim Arlozorov uniface memorial plaquette by Meir Gur-Aryeh (Bezalel School, Jerusalem), circa. 1933; size: 39.25 x 59.75mm; weight: 39.25g: left facing Arlozorov with the Hebrew title "BeDamekha Hayai" ['From your death I live on'] top left & Hebrew dates of birth / death bottom left; Arlozorov's signature is at the base, and the artist's initials (MG) below the bust. The plaque is made of two parts, the artistic metalwork attached to bronze base below. Arlozorov (1899- 1933) was a key Zionist leader & head of the Jewish Agency's Political Department, whose murder remains a major unsolved Israeli mystery.