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Israeli Custodian of Enemy Property cachet on JERUSALEM 1951 official mail

Government cachets: 28-10-1951 local JERUSALEM "Custodian of Enemy Property" boxed cachet (with address & telephone) acting as an 'official mail' marking tied to reused window cover now serving as Official Mail, addressed to the Stocks & Securities Department of Bank Leumi & franked 15pr per the DO-2 period letter rate using an overprinted Official Mail stamp (Ba 20b) tied by the local postmark (Jerusalem-2); opened gently at flap. This governmental department was established on 26 May 1948 and is now known as the "General Custodian"; here as per the cachet the department was located at the Schmidt School building, a former Catholic school established by the Templar community and presently serves as the location of the Town Officer.