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(This category does not include Doar Ivri 1948-49 or Interim Period philately, which are in their own category)

Israeli State Philately

0010071 a

'Mystery' lot x39 covers, mostly 1948-50's; includes commercial and philatelic thematic and 1st flight FDCs and other mail; 1949 National Flag private FDB and with "IsraeCl" error stamp; 1948 10th...

Sales price: $30.00
Item code: 0010071

Product details

0133485 redo

1950 75th Anniversary of UPU tete beche pair 40+80 Pruta (Ba 27a + 28a); MNH

Sales price: $4.00
Item code: 0133485

Product details

0133484 redo

1950 75th Anniversary of UPU tete beche guttered pair 40+40 Pruta (Ba 27b); MNH

Sales price: $4.00
Item code: 0133484

Product details


1973 Town Emblems 0.10£+0.18£ tete beche sheet (Ba IrS.25), MNH

Sales price: $1.50
Item code: 0133520

Product details


Doar Ivri 250m MNH fake (printed on cream pink paper - ref DIII p.94)

Sales price: $25.00
Item code: 134117

Product details