Palestine/E.I. Max Nordau Zionist rug, circa. 1905-1911/1923
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Max Nordau (facing right), circa. 1905-1911/1923; machine pile weave made in Jerusalem by the Alliance Israelite Universelle School; size, circa. 60cm x 107cm.

Nordau joined Theodore Herzl's mission to establish a world Zionist movement and helped co-found the World Zionist Organization (1897), serving as its president from 1905 to 1911. Nordau was particularly influential in the early years of the Organization and the spiritual founder of "muscular Judaism" (a movement promoting Jewish sportsmanship as an expression of self-respect and nationalism); during the First World War and thereafter his influence waned, and he died in 1923.

Some photographic evidence from Palestine of that time (1923; see photo for reference) suggests this carpet may have been created to commemorate his passing, though the AIU School had been producing Jewish/Zionist carpets since the turn of the 20th Century and this design may well date to that period instead. Similar to Felton-15 (facing left).

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