Germany: The New Jewish Hospital in Hamburg large medal by Alsing, 1841
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Germany > Hamburg; The New Jewish Hospital in Hamburg, 1841; struck in bronze; by Hans Friedrich Alsing; weight: 43.65g; size: 45mm. Obverse bears left facing bust of Salomon Heine and legend "Menschenliebe ist die Krone aller Tugenden" (in English: "Human love is the crown of all virtues"); on reverse, a view of the home with German legend "Frau Betty Heine zum andenken erbaut von ihrem Gatten" (in English: [dedicated to] "Mrs. Betty Heine built in memory of her husband").

Salomon Heine (1766-1844) was a German banker and philanthropist, the uncle of Heinrich Heine, and the principal benefactor of the hospital who dedicated its construction to his deceased wife, Betty. In AU-UNC with dark toning; a few small die crack marks on left edge of reverse.