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1965 incoming French taxed mail: 29-1-1965 airmail cover ex FRANCE to TLV underfranked at 0.55Fr and taxed 0.55L in Israel, paid 3-2-65 using mix 0.25L 1961 Zodiac + 0.30L 1962 ovp 1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: 20-8-1950 'first day' airmailed Israeli postal stationary registered pc (Ba-PC.2) ex EKRON to NEW YORK franked 65pr at the FA-2a period rat Moscow 'World Youth Festival' participation pin by Hoffstätter, 1957-58 1963 era domestic 'top of the pile' taxed franking: 1963(?) printed matter commercial cover ex TLV branch of Idud Ltd. franked by machine prepayment at the DO-11 period 8 Ag PM rat 1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: 15-1-1951 airmail cover ex TLV to BULGARIA franked 40pr at the FA-2a period rate for Europe using mix of 30pr (Ba33) + 10pr 1950 3rd Coinag 1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: 15-8-1950 1995 DO-76 rate period franked taxation notice: 16 MAY 1995 HE dated 1965 domestic 'top of the pile' taxed franking: 19-8-65 printed matter commercial cover ex TLV branch of Idud Ltd. franked by meter payment at the DO-11 period 8 Ag PM rate but ret Norway: 1 Ore coin, 1918, VF 1964 incoming US taxed mail: 8 AUG 1964 surface mailed ppc NY World Fair ex WORLD'S FAIR, NY to AFEKA underfranked at $0.05 and taxed 0.12L in Israel, paid using 1961 Zodiac Ba210

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We are an online mail-order Historama is the leading specialist, expert and dealer in real genuine authentic Israeli, Zionist, Jewish and Judaica collectibles - medals, coins, militaria, badges, ephemera, philately and exonumiadealership with over 35 years' experience, specializing in Israeli, Jewish and Historama has the best selection of high grade and rare tokens, medals, pins and exonumia of the Zionist movement for sale: pins and medals of the Zionist Congresses; tokens and pins of Jewish settlements in Palestine; Herzliana and momentos of Zionist leaders like Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor; Kofer HaYishuv rings and badges.Zionist collectibles: coins, philately, Historama presents a rare selection of Israeli and Palestine Mandate postal history and postage rates, including military covers, internment and detention camp mail, convoy mail, Holocaust mail and Ghetto post with rare cachets, franks and cancellations; and rare historical documents from the establishment of Israel.postal history and historic ephemera, Historama is the leading specialist in Israeli militaria, offering the biggest selection of rare badges, emblems, medals and helmets from the Israeli Army, Palestine Police, Jewish military units and Zionist underground forces - Hagana, Irgun/Etzel, Palmach and Lechi, Jewish Brigade, Jewish Legion, Palestine Regiment, Jewish Settlement Police, Notrim.militaria and military badges, banknotes, Historama offers the biggest collection of rare Jewish medals for sale - practically every medal shown in Friedenberg and Kirschner books: Judaica Synagogue medals; tokens and medals of Jewish religious institutions, Jewish schools, community centers, burial and charitable societies; medallions and tokens commemorating Jewish weddings, anniversaries, circumcisions and religious holidays.Judaic medals, tokens and exonumia.


Our scope includes all types of original, authentic, rare and quality pieces: Jewish militaria from pre-State Israel and Palestine Mandate; Israeli, Jewish and Zionist philatelics, jetons and numismatics; Holyland paper money, postcards and photographs; pins, badges and exonumia of Zionist congresses and Jewish organizations; Historama presents the broadest and best selection of rare anti-Semitic medals, tokens and jetons from Germany, France and Europe for sale: anti-Jewish Corn Jew (Kornjude medaillen) and Feather Jew (Federjuden medaillen) medals by Wermuth and Reich; renaissance Cuckold (Hahnrei medaillen) and Camel Swallower (Kamelschlucker medaillen) medals; 19th and 20th century political anti-Semitic tokens and religious Host Desecration medals. We have almost every medal shown in Kirschner, Feill, Fieweger, Brettauer and Sammlung Pfeiffer Pestilentia in nummis, including several undocumented medallic varieties.medallic and paper Judaica; maps, books, posters; military, political, government and commercial documents.


Our shop offers online and downloadable pricelists and catalogues, with photographic accompaniment. Your satisfaction is Purchase collectibles with confidence and peace of mind at Historama: return any item within two weeks for a full refund.guaranteed.


We At historama we buy and sell rare and authentic historic tokens and medals of Jewish Synagogues and institutions; anti-Semitic medallions; jetons by Jewish minters and medallists; medals and pins of Zionist Congresses and organizations; badges, insignia, decorations, emblems and uniforms from Palmach, Israeli Army, Irgun, Etzel, Lehi, Palestine Police and Jewish military forces; Judaic, Zionist and Israeli philatelic and Sell or consign collections or collectible items to Historama and enjoy top professional customer service and excellent financial returns.sell collectibles, and accept consignments of individual items and collections. We also offer research, evaluation and appraisal services, collection and investment consulting, and publish information online in our areas of specialty. We also actively solicit want-lists.


Above all, we cherish history and strive to service the interests of collectors, enthusiasts and historians alike. Our offering includes something to suit every taste and budget. Thank you for visiting!