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Zionist Irgun anti-Peel Commission Palestine Partition protest stamp label 1937

Revisionist-Zionist/Irgun paraphilately: 1936-1937 Peel Commission era triangular undenominated protest stamp in dark blue & white, depicting two raised fingers of a right hand, together as in an oath set against the stones of the Western Wall, with the Hebrew & English legend "If I forget Thee O Jerusalem Let My Right Hand forget Her Cunning!" and "Against the Partition of the land of Israel". Probably created and issued by the members of the Irgun who remained after the April 1937 split in the Revisionist-Zionist organization, which saw almost half of its members return to the more centrist (and lukewarm Partition-accepting Haganah militia) following an internal referendum on the matter. Unused: MNG & OG, about 2 light creases visible on the back probably a result of the production process + a couple of age stains on the gum. The symbol and motto used here were later adopted (1948) as the official symbol of the 'Lechi' Zionist underground force.