Bidding in Our Auctions

In light of numerous requests we have received to run “live auctions”, this sale of 661 lots will be a combined mail and timed ('live') auction. It will open on Sunday 1 Oct. and end on the 25th. Some of the lots in the sale will be sold in the usual manner of a mail auction by receiving bids in writing on lots throughout the sale period (above) until the end of this portion of the sale (20:00 Israel time on 25 Oct.): bidders with the highest bids will be the winners of those lots at that time; bidding-time will be extended by 5 minutes in the event bids are received within the last 60 seconds.

Other lots (386) with specially marked lot numbers ending “-LA” – will be on pre-sale display until Oct. 25th and will go on sale starting at 20:15 Israel time that night, on a 3rd party live auction site called; this will be the timed auction (without auction hall or announcer), and each lot in this portion of the sale will be displayed for a minimum of 30 seconds, during which time live bids can be submitted. Pre-sale bids can be placed on these lots in writing before the start of the sale and absentee bids in writing can be submitted during the sale itself. These lots will be displayed on our site ( and also on our Bidspirit site ( on our site these lots will appear static, without real-time changes in the bid level, but on the Bidspirit site the bid status of these lots will update in real-time before and during the sale – and the sale itself will be conducted on our Bidspirit site only.

Both portions of the sale run in the same manner: the bid level increases by steps, so that if a person submits a high bid relative to the present level, the present level will only rise by 1 step and the rest of that person's high bid will be kept in reserve by the auction program in order to counterbid on his behalf if competing bids are subsequently placed.

As is our policy, in the mail auction opening bid levels are flexible and we can accept bids that are as much as 20% below that level provided there are no unpublished reserves which are above that level. In any event, reserves will never be higher than the opening bid level. As Bidspirit is unable to process bids below the opening level (for the live auction/time auction), the displayed opening bid levels on their site will be the minimum acceptable bids.

As some lots are relevant in more than one main category, lot numbers marked by an asterisk (*) at the end are lots which are being displayed online in an additional relevant category.

Our auctions are designed to enable bidders to make the most of their budget, while aiming to save them money: last-minute bid increases can be selected (for some or all bids); a bid-budget can be specified, to protect bidders from financial over exposure – and here, bidders can also specify their order of preference among the lots they win, to secure those which are most important to them.

We look forward to having you at our sale and wish you good luck with your bids.

We are now accepting material for our spring mail auction, tentatively scheduled for January 2018

Contact us if you are considering to sell or consign materials.