Israel: 500 Prutot postal order, 1.6.1959; Beersheva
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Israeli postal order for 500 Prutot, paid to the Transportation Ministry, counterstamped 1.6.59 by a post office in the city of Beer Sheva.

Of interest is the currency: Israel switched from using Lirot and Prutot (1 = 1000; the equivalent of using Dollars and Cents) to using Lirot and Agorot (1 = 100) in 1958; this money order is from the transition period in between, when there already existed a then-new 1/2 Lira banknote.

מילות מפתח: שטרות שטר המחאות המחאה ישראליות ארץ ישראל היישוב א"י בשליק