Israel: 10 Lirot 'Black-Panther' propaganda banknote (circa. 1975)
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Israel - 10 Lirot political propaganda (circa. 1975) based on SC-39: issued by Charley Biton's "Black Panthers" and the "Moked" movement in protest to government subsidy cuts. 

On one side the bill says that these 10 Lirot will be worth only 6 Lirot to "you" (salaried workers and the poor) by 1976; on the other side it says that this note will be worth 14 Lirot in 1976 to the head of the industrialists association, Avraham ("Booma") Shavit, and his "friends". 

מילות מפתח: שטרות שטר המחאות המחאה ישראליות ארץ ישראל היישוב א"י בשליק