Tel-Aviv municipality 100 Mil paper money, 1948
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Israeli Tel-Aviv municipality ("Va'ad Tel Aviv") 100 Mil paper money note, 1948.
Paper currency issued by the Tel Aviv municipality in September 1948 as a means of payment to its suppliers and as a form of tax payment vouchers in return. These notes were produced at the same time as the wartime transitional government issued red and green "carpet notes", also in 50 and 100-mils denominations. However, though the carpet notes are rare, the Va'ad Tel Aviv notes are even less well known. The remarkable thing about these notes is that their Hebrew date is "5708" (or 1948 - 'Tashach') even though they were produced right around the time of the Jewish new year, which would have necessitated that they be dated "5709" for 1949. This piece is in EF condition some aging color on the base and two small spots of water wear on the left and right side edges. A lovely piece. 

מילות מפתח: שטרות שטר המחאות המחאה ישראליות ארץ ישראל היישוב א"י תל אביב