Philippines: x3 Japanese Invasion Money 5-Peso banknotes w/ovpts; F-VF
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Set of 3 "Japanese invasion money" (JIM) paper money notes: three 5-Peso currency notes issued by the Japanese occupation authorities for the Philippines and counterstamped variously by the Japanese. All three bear a stamp of the "Office of the District Chief" (Bagumpanahon) in Manila, in English and Japanese on the obverse. One bears the stamp "Military Administration Office Financial Department Imperial Japanese Army" on the reverse; another bears two lines of Japanese text on the obverse (there's a small worm hole the size of a pin hole); and the third bears Japanese text in a red box on the obverse and a character over the "5" numeral. All are in F-VF. These are less common than similar issues with post-war counterstamps attesting to their collection and removal by post-war governments.

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