Vietnam: x2 banknotes: S. Viet 5 Dong 1955 UNC; N. Viet. 1 Dong 1958 VF
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Two Vietnamese currency notes: one South Vietnamese 5-Dong note, 1955, in UNC (crisp but small light blue and rose dots visible - may be part of the security features); and one North Vietnamese 1-Dong note, 1958 in VF (there are surface wear points on the lower obverse; in the photo, the light area on the upper obverse is flash reflection off the crystal slider). The North Vietnamese note may actually be a clipped off American propaganda counterfeit from the late 1960s: it bears an identical serial number to such a counterfeit that I saw, and the note also has a corner imperfection which looks strange - a counterfeit piece bore a propaganda message on the paper next to the note. Priced as a standard (less expensive) note here.

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