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Denmark, 25 Ore coin - 1939 N/GJ, copper-nickel, VF-EF (KM 50.2). מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם דנמרק

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Israel 'Wedding Medal' state medal in tombac (SM-57) with double-die error, 1978. Large 59mm piece bearing 'State of Israel' in English and Hebrew on the edge, along with mintage number 2932. The...

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Israeli Acre medal (CCM2) in tombac, 1965 - part of the 9 city-coin medal series of produced by the Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation to commemorate historical cities of Israel....

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Israeli Jerusalem-Knesset matte silver state medal (SM-46e), 34mm. and undated (1982). The medal, originally designed and issued in a larger size, in 1971, commemorates a reunited Jerusalem...

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Sweden - 2 Kroner coin, silver, 1928 G. VF-EF (1+/01), with luster and lovely shine. מילות מפתח: מטבעות אסימונים אסימון מהעולם שבדיה שבדיות

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Israel: 10 Agorot 1961 with scarce Arabic "Patcha" accent mark, in VF-EF, IMM-A10-2a/KM-26.

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