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Israel 'Wedding Medal' state medal in tombac (SM-57) with double-die error, 1978. Large 59mm piece bearing 'State of Israel' in English and Hebrew on the edge, along with mintage number 2932. The...

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Israeli Acre medal (CCM2) in tombac, 1965 - part of the 9 city-coin medal series of produced by the Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation to commemorate historical cities of Israel....

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Israeli Jerusalem-Knesset matte silver state medal (SM-46e), 34mm. and undated (1982). The medal, originally designed and issued in a larger size, in 1971, commemorates a reunited Jerusalem...

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IDF Exhibition ("Ta'arukhat Tzahal") token, 1968; weight: 18.45g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts the official emblem of Israel's 20th Aniversary, with legend "IDF Exhibition 5728 - 1968"; on reverse the...

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Irgun / Etzel Hebrew Revolt 35th anniversary and Israel's 30th Anniversary numbered commemoration medal, 1979; struck in bronze; weight: 79.3g; size: 59mm; thickness: 4.5mm. Obverse depicts emblem of...

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Israel 25 Lirot, 1976, silver commemorative coin for Israel's 28th anniversary of independence, UNC (KM-85). The reverse says "28 to Israel" in stylized Hebrew letters.  מילות מפתח: מטבעות מדליה...

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IDF Israel's 15th Remembrance Day commissioned medal, 1963; struck in bronze at Zechovoy mint; designed by Josef Bass; weight: 120.65g; size: 60mm; thickness: 6mm. Obverse bears legend on left...

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IDF March commemoration token, 1973; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 24.5g; size - 44.5mm. Issued by the Israeli Soldier's Welfare Association for the annual Army March held in conjunction...

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IDF Israel's 30th Remembrance Day commemoration medal, 1978; struck in bronze; no maker mark; weight: 92.25g; size: 59mm. Obverse bears miniature of the State Arms and stylized legend incorporating...

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