Israeli Memorial Day commemorative medal by Shekel, circa. 1970s
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Israeli Memorial Day numbered commemorative medal (ND), circa. 1970s; struck in tombak; designed by Tidhar, minted by the Shekel medal company; weight: 92.8g; size: 59mm. Obverse bears upturned helmet with flames rising (symbol of Memorial Day in Israel) with legend "To the fallen of Israel's battles who in their deaths warranted our lives"; on reverse image of broken tree with rifle in the ground and legend (excerpt of Haim Bialik's poem "After My Death"), "...And the song of his life was stopped in the middle". Numbered on rim "1139". In UNC, though with much polish build-up around the details.

מילות מפתח: מטבעות מדליה מדליות הנצחה ישראליות חברה ממשלתית חברת שקל