Israel: forged(?) 1 Shekel coin, 2001, VF-EF
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Israeli forged(?) 1 Shekel coin dated 2000-2001 (התשס''א) with very thin, crooked lettering and poor detail; in VF-EF condition. Presented as a forgery, as I doubt this is any kind of pattern - though I've never seen something like this. Usually, forged Israeli pieces are die cast but otherwise pressed identically to a real piece. This one looks like someone handmade all the details from scratch - and poorly so.

The piece weighs 4.10g, which is ironically similar to the Chanukka issue 1 Shekel coins (which all seem to weigh perfectly 4.00g); regular issue genuine 1 Shekel coins however weigh anywhere between 3.40 - 3.50g. Photos of a genuine piece are shown below for comparison. 

מילות מפתח: מטבעות מישראל ישראליות שגיאה שגיאות טעות טעויות מזויף מזויפות