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0010039 a-baor-british-army-rhine-rhine-army-emblem-patch

British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) cloth formation patch. This is the insignia patch of the British soldiers assigned to the Rhine Army. The Rhine district itself was created in March 1952. The patch...

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0010038 a-baor-british-army-rhine-hamburg-emblem-patch

British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) cloth formation patch. This is the insignia patch of the British soldiers assigned to the Hamburg and Low Countries region. The patch is in excellent condition but...

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0010127 a-british-7th-armoured-desert-rats-shoulder-patch

Britain - cloth shoulder patch of the 'Desert Rats' - the British 7th Armoured Division, 1940-45. The division was formed in February 1940 in the zone of the Libyan-Egyptian frontier, and fought...

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0010088 a

"Signal" - the German wartime propaganda magazine, French edition 9, 1st issue for May 1941. Issued toward's Germany's zenith in World War II, this issue features a cover shot of two airmen and...

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"Signal" - the German wartime propaganda magazine, French edition 6, (April-May) 1944. Reflecting Germany's changed fortunes in the Second World War, the magazine cover features the nurses of the Red...

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0110049 a

Egyptian / United Arab Republic (UAR) Army small metal hat insignia badge. A single-piece construction featuring the eagle and an enamel colored shield in dull red, white and black (small chip...

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0010092 a-21st-waffen-ss-albanian-skanderbeg-division-armshield-patch

Armshield badge of the Albanian volunteers in the 21st Mountain Division ("Waffen Gebirgs Division") of the Waffen-SS, 'Skanderbeg', 1944. The second division of Muslim volunteers (after the 13th...

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0010060 a-waffen-ss-latvian-volunteer-legion-armshield-patch

Armshield of the Latvian soldiers serving in the Waffen-SS, circa 1944-45. A nice, preserved piece exhibiting age and possible wear, with neat embroidery lines (in contrast to many of the...

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0110027 a

Belgium - Decoration for Industry and Agriculture, second class with silver and blue, green, red and black enamels. VF+ מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מדליות מדליה מזכרות מזכרת אות אותות יחידות יחידה...

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0120010 a

Belgian Army mark II (mkII) helmet shell, circa. 1949-51, in khaki color. The helmet is not maker-marked, bears the Belgian tricolors on one side, and though missing the liner, it has the Belgian...

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0110030 a

Belgium - Belgian King Albert Commemorative Medal 1909-34 in bronze, 32mm. This is a commemorative medal for the reign of King Albert I, instituted in 1962, and was awarded for loyalty and good...

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0110010 a

Belgian Croix de Guerre (War Cross) 1914-1918, for the First World War, with monogramed bronze palm/laurel leaf for the wearer's inclusion in a unit included in an army despatch. In VF-EF, this is a...

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0010004 a-waffen-ss-wehrmacht-hungarian-volunteer-armshield-patch

Armshield of the Hungarian volunteers of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, 1944-45. This is the Bevo weave version of the armshield issued to Hungarian volunteers in German military or paramilitary units....

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'Belgium: The Official Account of What Happened, 1939-1940', published by the Belgian Ministry [in exile] for Foreign Affairs in London, July 1941. Released around the time of Germany's invasion of...

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0010179 a

Great Britain 'Daily Mail' War Atlas observing the opening months of the Second World War, undated (circa Feb. - March 1940). A hardcover 32-page color atlas detailing all continents with present and...

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