German WWI POW permit card for Russian soldier, 1916 ex Hammerstein
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German World War I prisoner of war camp permit card - a permit card regarding the Russian inmate ("interpreter and book-binder, Gilarovski; number 50155") - probably the soldier pictured on the obverse - who is stated to be officially permitted to move about the camp. The card is stamped with the signature of the Camp Commandant, Major-General Grisfest(?) and dated 7 July 1916. The card is stamped three more times - on the bottom left of the reverse ("Stamp-cancellation, Hammerstein - Commander of the Military Training Ground"), again, more lightly on the top left of the reverse ("B1 V E.H.") and once on the obverse (by the "First Camp-officer of P.O.W. camp Hammerstein").

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