Shoulder patch of Free Norwegian Air Force unit of RAF, 1940-45
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Norway - flag shoulder patch of the Free Norwegian Air Force section of the (British) Royal Air Force, 1940-45. The reconstituted [free] air force started as a core of 120 Norwegian airmen who reached Britain after the fall of Norway. In 1940, they were transferred to Canada for training near Toronto, and the first Free Norwegian air squadron (330) became operational - under the Royal Air Force's Coastal Command in April 1941. Later that year, the first Norwegian fighter squadron (331) was formed; the second (332) was formed at the start of 1942.

The Royal Norwegian air services of the army, navy and air force were unified in August 1944, so that by the start of 1945, the Free Norwegian Royal Air Force numbered just over 2500 men and 80 aircraft. This small shoulder patch consists of the Norwegian flag woven onto a swatch of dark-blue tunic fabric. It was was worn on the upper right-hand sleeve of an air force tunic; a shoulder-flash patch bearing "Norway" was then worn on the upper left-hand sleeve. Excellent condition and scarce.

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