Swedish 58M Battalion in Sinai commemorative service plaque, 1975
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Swedish "Swedbatt" 58M Battalion Sinai uniface commemorative service plaque in copper, 1975: plaque depicts the positions manned by the Swedish contigent of the Sinai based "United Nations Emergency Force II" between June-December 1975, with legend "FN-Bataljon 58M".

The Swedish component of UNEF II rotated in and out of this sector roughly every half year, each time with a different numeric designation, and in this period its force was labelled "58M" (having replaced 56M).

The Battalion's nomenclature follows the style of Sweden's foreign contingents serving in the UN: her forces in Kosovo begin with the letter "KA", those in Afghanistan begin with "FS", those in Cyprus use a "C", etc. UNEF II was established in October 1973 to observe the cease-fire between Egypt and Israel following the termination of the 1973 War between them (this force succeeded UNEF I, which attempted to observe a previous ceasefire between the two countries, from 1956 to 1967); its mandate lasted until 1979 when it was replaced by the "Multinational Force and Observers" (MFO).

Sweden had been active in providing forces for peace-keeping operations in Sinai and Gaza since 1956, and the Swedish presence there after the 1973 War was pronounced enough to earn her soldiers a token presence as an incidental character in Israel's most popular comedy film "Halfon Hill is Not Answering" (1976). In UNC; no maker-marks; weight: 201.75g; size: 78mm x 101mm (some versions of this plaque do not have the frame around them and are a few millimeters smaller).

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