'BAoR' unit patch for soldiers stationed in Hamburg & Low Countries
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British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) cloth formation patch. This is the insignia patch of the British soldiers assigned to the Hamburg and Low Countries region. The patch is in excellent condition but remarkably rudimentary in manufacture: the cross and shield insignia is machine woven on light-brown, lightweight fabric but the stitching at back looks hand-made. The Hannover district of the force was created in 1947; judging by the patch's manufacture, I would date the piece from 1947 to the mid-1950's.

The BAOR was officially created in August 1945 as the British occupation force in Germany; in November 1952 its occupation function ended and the force became merged into NATO's Northern Army Group force. Although a British military presence remains in Germany to this day, the BAOR itself was disbanded in 1994. It numbered 80,000 troops at its height.

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