Handmade armshield for 'Frikorps Danmark' Danish Legion
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Hand-made armshield badge of the Danish volunteers of the Danish Free Corps ("Frikorps Danmark") of the Waffen-SS, 1941-43. The Free Corps was raised in June 1941 and fought on the eastern front, notably at Demjansk, and was disbanded in May 1943.

Former members of the Free Corps later served in different military units, including the SS Grenadier Regiment "Danmark" of the 11th Nordland Division (1943-45), as well as in the rough Schalburg Korps security organ. The armshield is in excellent, preserved condition, and appears made out of the pieces of a Nazi armband all stitched onto a swatch of a Waffen-SS uniform sleeve, and represents a rare piece of foreign volunteer militaria from an "Aryan" albeit small contingent.

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