Wartime Badges & Emblems of World Armies

0133851 a

Dutch Waffen-SS armshield, embroidered onto black base. Removed from a tunic: cut away close to the edge of the national colors instead of being unsewn from the tunic (hence the thin black frame).

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0010093 a-wehrmacht-belgian-wallonian-legion-free-corps-armshield-patch

Armshield badge of the Wallonian (Belgian) volunteers of the Waffen-SS. Unlike many other foreign volunteer formations, the Wallonians primarily used this German "Army" styled sleeve patch as opposed...

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0010008 a-waffen-ss-wehrmacht-azad-hind-free-indian-legion-helmet-shield

German pith-helmet shield of the [Free] Indian Legion ("Azad Hind" - Free India). The decal sports a diagonally-striped tricolor of orange-white-green (from top left to bottom right). On the reverse...

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