Wallonian/Belgian armshield patch for volunteers in German Army or W-SS
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Armshield badge of the Wallonian (Belgian) volunteers of the Waffen-SS. Unlike many other foreign volunteer formations, the Wallonians primarily used this German "Army" styled sleeve patch as opposed to hand-made or Waffen-SS styled patches (with the thick black borders). As such, this badge may have been worn either by the early volunteer unit of the German Army (the 373rd Infantry Batallion, the 'Corps Franc Wallonie' - or, Wallonian Free Corps; later the Wallonian Legion), in 1941-43 or by the subsequent reformation of the unit, in the Waffen-SS: the Wallon SS Assault Brigade (SS Sturmbrigade Wallonie), 1943-44 or the 28th SS Volunteer [Panzer] Grenadier Division 'Wallonie', 1944-45.

Of all the foreign volunteer formations of the German military and Waffen-SS, the Walloon units - the Wallonian Legion - probably received the most coverage and promotion in the German press. The units were staffed largely by volunteers of the Walloon "Rexist" Party, whose leader, Leon Degrelle, became a favored icon amongst the Nazi leadership as a symbol of collaboration and military volunteership.

The armshield is in excellent, preserved condition, stitched to a swatch of uniform, whose fabric is visible on the borders.

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