'ATA' shorts in green denim for civilian or military wear, c. 1953
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Israeli pioneering memorabilia: Israeli-made light green shorts made by "ATA"(possibly 1953), with British army styled brown plastic buttons - 3 concealed as a button-down fly and a two-button front fastening along the waist (with an extra button inside). The shorts have two side slit pockets and one integrated buttoned back pocket with angular flap, and 5 belt loops along the waist. In excellent condition. There is a label inside saying "Saniforized" in English and Hebrew, the ATA emblem in English and Hebrew, and the logo for the ATA "Kurdaneh" factory in Kiryat Motzkin, in English, Hebrew and Arabic. There are a few other stamps inside, probably regarding size and supply codes (i.e. in regards to the era's auterity period - "Tzena" - rationing of consumer goods), plus a less legible round stamp with the number "535" and some Hebrew text - possibly the production date (May 1953) and location of manufacture.

ATA - an acronym for "Organizations of Produce from Our Land", a name given by Nobel Laureate Shay Agnon - was a factory which produced a series of day-wear and work clothes for civilians and youth movements, reflecting the pioneering Zionist spirit of the times, mostly khaki and gray for pants, and light blue and white for shirts; it eventually set up a chain of stores called "Khanuyot Ata" - Ata Stores - which sold its goods, mostly in the 1930's to the '60s.

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