Belgian World War I 'Croix de Guerre' (War Cross) 1914-1918
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Belgian Croix de Guerre (War Cross) 1914-1918, for the First World War, with monogramed bronze palm/laurel leaf for the wearer's inclusion in a unit included in an army despatch. In VF-EF, this is a solid piece exhibiting excellent detail, with little surface wear, and light oxidation in the upper-left corner between the sword and cross. This is the fuller (i.e. not flat) version of the cross, whose sword handles touch the edges of the cross; missing only the simple two pinned prongs to enable mounting on a uniform.

The medal itself is a bronze cross with a rounded embossed medallion at center bearing the Belgian ramping lion on one side and the monogram of King Albert on the other; with crossed swords positioned between the branches of the cross, and with an ornate pivoting crown suspension. The ribbon correctly displays five green striped on a field of red, with three of them grouped more centrally.

Modelled on the French "Croix de Guerre", this Belgian version was instituted 25th October 1915 to reward acts of bravery in the face of the enemy or for long service at the front. Additionally, bronze, silver or silver plated palmes were awarded for various categories of Mention in Dispatches. Various later decrees modified (expanded) the award criteria to include those died of wounds, escaped prisoners, certain volunteers, etc.

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