Book: 'Eighteen Months of the 11th Czechoslovak Infantry Battalion - East', 1942
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Illustrated commemorative book: "Eighteen Months of the 11th CzechoslovakInfantry Battalion - East" ('Osmanact Mesicu'); printed in Jerusalem, Palestine, (October) 1942. This 64-page hardcover book, in Czech and English, pays tribute to the wartime service of this battalion of Czechoslovak exiled soldiers (including Jewish fighters) from France and Russia, who fought within the intricate machinery of the British forces in the Middle East and North Africa.

The book documents the creation, service and experiences of the Battalion for its 18 months of service - with photos and documents - from its inception and training in Gedera, Palestine (late 1940), to its passage through Egypt and duties in the Western Desert as part of the British 23rd Brigade, in Spring 1941; its participation in British incursion into Vichy Lebanon and Syria, in Summer 1941; its return to North Africa in October, this time to beseiged Tobruk, and then onwards to Benghazi and back again. Arriving back in Palestine in early 1942 the Battalion was disbanded and reformed in May of that year as the 200th Light Anti-Aircraft East Regiment (who in turn edited and produced this book). In 1943 the Regiment was transferred to Britain and disbanded, and elements of the unit served with existing Czechoslovak forces in exile there and later in France.

Though obscure, this well illustrated book pays tribute to a small and valiant force which saw action on many fronts. There are many pictures of the unit in training and field service, posing together with Polish forces in exile, in smart and ceremonial parades, and lovely pictures of the Middle East and desert landscapes of that time. The book is in excellent physical condition with complete and mostly crisp pages (some age stains on the initial inside pages), through the binding is loosened from the spine (though easily repairable).

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