Book: 'Home Guard for Victory!' by Hugh Slater, Victor Gollantz pub. 1941
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Great Britain civil defense book: "Home Guard for Victory!", by Hugh Slater;published by Victor Gollantz, London, 1941, 5th impression; 120 pages. Part of the 'Victory Books' series (this one is # 10), the book is written by the former (and late) chief of operations of the International Brigade Staff, which served in Spain during the Civil War - characteristic of the leftist views promoted by the Gollantz press.

The book is as the subtitle says - "an essay" - and not an officially sanctioned presentation, presenting the formation as a useful and positive adjunct to the British armed forces. It delivers interesting analyses and prescriptions for how the Home Guard can be used for defending factories and strategic points; for repelling air landing; for attacking and engaging in street warfare. With many detailed diagrams and illustrations. A compelling and patriotic tract (even if the organization has come to be known as "Dad's Army"). Overall in good condition; some spots on the blue cloth cover; the inside page liner is a little torn.