Croation Legion national armshield patch
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Croatia: armshield badge of Croatian volunteers of the Croatian Legion, 1941-45.The Croatian Legion comprised three legions - army, navy and air-force units - raised by the wartime Croatian government and bearing Croatian national insignia, though operating and uniformed by the Germans.

The Croat Army Legion was titled the "Verstartken Kroatischen Infanterie Regiment 369" - the 369th Reinforced Croatian Infantry Regiment - engaged in anti-partisan activities in Poltava, took part in the advance against Kharkov, and later fought at Stalingrad, where most of the Legion was lost. It was succeeded by three more divisions of Croatian volunteers, who were assigned to the Russian front and domestic anti-partisan activites.

All the Croatian Legion forces wore a national armshield on their sleeve, and in this case, this is the German-made version, thick and woven, with the paper template visible inside, and bearing "Hrvatska" ('Croatia', in Croatian) - as opposed to "Kroatien", in German, as appears on most armshields of this type. A rare version of the shield, which has become scarcer to come by in recent years. In excellent condition, with light wear on the reverse edges.

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