Haganah 50th Anniversary silvered bronze medal by Elisha (ND), 1970
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Hagana 50th Anniversary medal (ND), 1970; struck in silvered bronze; minted by the Elisha medal company in Israel; weight: 91.8g; size: 59.5mm. Obverse bears emblem of the Hagana with legend "With one hand he undertook handiwork and with the other he held a weapon - Nehemia 4/11" and "The Hagana"; on reverse a large Star of David with the image of the Hagana's founder Eliyahu Golomb and all of the various units and activities of the Hagana written on each line of the Star.

Though the medal is listed in Haffer a being from 1968, it cannot be both from this date and also in commemoration of the Hagana's 50th anniversary, as the Hagana was founded in 1970; as Golomb died in 1945 an issue date with a round number like 1970 makes more sense to commemorate both him and the Hagana. In UNC with lacquered surface; JTM-MM-7.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מדליות מדליה מזכרות מזכרת אות אותות יחידות יחידה הנצחה הוקרה צה"ל צה"לי צבא הגנה פלמ"ח שייטת