'Haganah' members' organization rally medal, Sept. 1973
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Rally of the Organization of Members of the "Haganah" in Israel, in Jerusalem, 1973; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 42.55g; size - 45.5mm. Issued to commemorate a Jewish New Years ("Rosh HaShana") rally which took place 2 days before the actual New Years date and also coincided with Israel's 25th anniversary: obverse depicts official emblem of Israel's 25th Anniversary, with legend in Hebrew "Rally of the Organization of Members of the Hagana in Israel, Jerusalem 27 of [month of] Elul 5733, 24.9.73"; on reverse the emblem of the Hagana with legend "From Hagana ["Defence"] to the Israel Defence Forces Promises Courage for the Peace of the Nation and the Homeland".

The "Hagana" ("Defense") was the pre-State defense force from which the IDF was largely formed (on 26 May 1948); its emblem, designed in 1942 by Moshe Pasternak Bar-Tikva ("Mundak"), commander of the Hagana's officers course as the symbol for course graduates, became after 1944 the symbol of the Hagana and was retained by the IDF as its emblem in 1948. This rally took place just 12 days before the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. In UNC.

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