Haganah military 'field training' manual (War of Independence), 1947
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Rare Hagana military training manual, 1947: a temporary but highly organized and collated edition of an infantry training manual called generally (in loose translation) "Fielding" (i.e. field training - being in the field, attack tactics for squads and platoons), for junior-level commanders. The name is ironically appropriate as it was prepared by the National Command specifically for the Hagana's "Field Force" ("Kheil Sadeh" - or "Khish"), though it was usable too by the "Guard Force" ("Kheil Mishmar" - or "Khim") as per instructions in the introductory comments.

The 74-page manual features 21 detailed sketches and maps, and is divided 5 sections and 44 chapters, including topics like field preparations, squad training, attack techniques, defense, retreat/withdrawal, clearing out of buildings and activities against paratroopers. Underscoring the uniqueness of this document is the nature of its distribution: separate from similar materials used in the underground Irgun/'Etzel' organization (see items 0110008 and 0120017), this [type of] manual was only for distribution within Hagana affiliated formations: the Palmach school (1 copy per platoon), for other corps just 1 copy per administrative unit, platoon commander school (1 copy per person), etc.

Also of note is the date of its issue, December 1947 - at the very beginning of the War of Independence (which began unofficially with the UN resolution approving the partition of Palestine into 2 states, on 29 November that year); at the end of the following May (1948), the Hagana would form the basis of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for which more professional looking training materials were produced; the Hagana's commander Ya'akov Dori, became the IDF's first Chief of Staff. This copy was issued to "the officer Shneidman" (written in pencil on the cover); the outer pages have come loose from the original binding, and the cover pages are frayed and torn in places, but overall the manual is in excellent condition.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מסמכים ניירת תעודות תעודה אישורים צבאית צה"ל ספרים חוברת חוברות הגנה פלמ"ח