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0110054 a

Hagana/Israeli Army (IDF) 5th "Givati Brigade" unit pin with name in Hebrew on base ribbon ("Khativat Givati"), circa. 1947-50. This is a variant of another emblem badge of this unit, which does not...

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0120022 a-idf-israeli-army-zahal-givati-brigade-emblem-pin

Haganah/Israeli Army (IDF) "Givati Brigade" unit pin, circa. 1947-50; has simple pin soldiered on back; weight: 0.95g. In its original incarnation the Givati Brigade was one of the IDF's first 6...

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0120021 a-idf-israeli-army-zahal-palmach-4th-portzim-battalion-harel-brigade-silver-emblem-insignia-tallion

Silver (.925) tallion of the 4th Battalion of the "Har'el Brigade" of the Palmach (the pre-State Israeli special shock company formation): this is a uniface tag featuring the Palmach emblem of a...

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0120031 a-israeli-hagana-haifa-fighters-pin-front

Hagana member's pin: numbered metal pin issued by the Haifa branch of Israel's pre-State armed force, the "Haganah" ("Defence", in Hebrew), circa. 1949-50 to commemorate the wearer's participation in...

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War of Independence pin for the Palmach's 5th Battalion "Shaar HaGay"(pronounced "Sha'ar ha Gai"), 1948-49; weight: 5.45g; size: 3cm x 4cm; with fastened safety pin on reverse and incused back. The...

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0120057 a

Rare Palmach breast emblem badge. Small white metal pin bearing the emblem of the Palmach - the "shock companies" of Israel's pre-State 'army' and forerunner to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the...

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0120055 a

Rare service pin of the 9th Palmach "Mechanized Attack Battalion" ("Gdud Pshita Memuchan"), 1948-49. This force, known commonly as the "Attack Battalion" ("Gdud Pshita") is well known in the annals...

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0120046 a

Service pin of the "Carmel Brigade", 1948. The Brigade originated as one of 6 regular 'Hagana' brigades created with the informal outbreak of the Israeli War of Independence in November 1947. This...

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0133293 a

Tallion of the 52nd battalion of the Givati Brigade, circa. 1949-50; size: 2.9 x 3.25cm; weight: 3.3g. The banner at the base bears the legend "Ha Bokim" (the 'breakthroughers'). The battalion was...

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Veteran's(?) pin of 1st battalion Kiryati Brigade, circa. 1950s-60s; size: 1 x 3.1cm; weight: 1g. The brigade was formed in Tel Aviv in February 1948, after the Givati brigade was reassigned from...

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