IAF visored hat in gray-blue, c. 1950s
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Israeli Air Force hat, early-mid 1950's. Lovely gray-blue and black cap, with black leather sweat-band and un-maker marked buttons bearing the emblem of the Israel Defence Forces (i.e. dating the cap to at least the early-mid '50s). The hat has a tan-brown leather inside-liner and taupe colored lining, and the inside crown is covered with an extra layer of light translucent plastic which protects the stamp of the maker: "Makers of All Kinds of Hats - P. Birnzweig - Tel Aviv, Montefiore St. 26". Though missing the relatively common metal emblem of the Israel Air Forces, the hat is in excellent preserved condition.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מדים חולצות חולצה מכנסיים מכנס צה"ל צה"לי צבא אתא כובע חיל אוויר חה"א