IDF General Staff emblem metal hat badge, 1948-1950s
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Israeli Army General Staff ("Matkal") metal hat insignia badge, circa. 1948-mid 1950's; original two-piece construction with 2-pronged back; not maker marked; weight: 16.80 grams. Some surface wear and very slight bend near prong but excellent physical condition. Unlike later issues (which are also scarce) these original issues have clean, open spaces between the details, particularly around the olive leaf branch. For a related item, see #0110052 below on this page.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה סמלי סמל כובע ברט סיכות סיכה יחידות יחידה שירות זרוע אגף פיקוד צה"ל צה"לי צבא