Iraqi Medal for Palestine War 'Nut Herb Filistin' of 1948-49, (1959)
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Iraq: Medal for the Palestine War ("Nut Herb Filistin") of 1948-49, (1959); struck in white metal, with colored enamel detailing; weight: 28.4g.

On obverse, map of Palestine (in black) with image of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and an Iraqi soldier advancing, sumounted by 8-pointed star with flames; the legend on the lower left says "Aaidoon" ("We will return"). On reverse, Arabic legend "Al-Jamhuriya al-Iraqiya" ("The Iraqi Republic"), above a blank scroll below. The medal is connected to a round tallion which holds a black-green-red ribbon.

The medal was instituted in 1959, and commemorates Iraq's participation in the first Arab-Israeli War - the Israeli War of Independence, which began in 1947 but turned into an international conflict the day Israel declared independence (14 May 1948).

Iraqi forces, consisting of two infantry brigades and an armored brigade, fought in the area of Tulkarem and Netanya between May-June 1948, attempting to drive a wedge at the narrowest 'waistline' of Israel, in order to split the country into two. The force was about 6 kilometers from the Mediterranean before being held back and fended off.

It was in this battle where Israeli forces could have mounted an attack to capture Jenin and Nablus, to widen Israel's corridor, but poor preparation and command missed the opportunity, and even Tulkarem on the foothills of Samaria could not be captured from the Iraqi forces. In EF-UNC.

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