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0120017 a-eretz-israel-irgun-etzel-izl-sgt-ehud-bren-machinegun-training-manual

Rare Irgun/'Etzel' military training manual: "The Bren Machine Gun", a rudimentary 38-page single-sided type-written training booklet on the use of the Bren, circa. 1946-47 (during the height of the...

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'Etzel' training manual: "Drill Exercises", a rudimentary, type-written booklet of drills and exercises for instilling discipline into soldiers; anonymous and undated (circa. 1946-48 - during the...

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0110046 a-irgun-etzel-izl-emblem-armband

Irgun Zvai Leumi ('Etzel') underground movement brassard/armband, circa. 1947, in light blue with the organization's emblem printed in dark blue. Few age / dust marks; excellent condition. Very...

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