Books captured ex 'Ibrahim al Awal' by Israeli Navy 1st Sergeant, 1956
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Captured books from the Egyptian war vessel "Ibrahim Al Awal" by First Sergeant Shlomo Zohar, 1956 (see item 0020027.2).
Early in the morning on the third day of the Sinai Campaign ("Operation Kadesh"), 31 October 1956, the Egyptian destroyer "Ibrahim al Awal" entered Haifa Bay from Port Said and fired several rounds at the city. The shelling lasted only a few minutes as an anchored French warship returned fire, forcing the Ibrahim al Awal to evacuate the area. She sailed northwest from Haifa and slipped between neutral American ships in that area. At dawn, she was spotted by the Israeli Air Force who strafed the ship and disabled her electrical, steering and munitions delivery systems. Her crew abandoned ship and both they and the ship were captured by the Israeli naval vessels, "Eilat" and "Yafo".

According to a fellow-member of Zohar's boarding party, they found the Ibrahim al Awal completely abandonned and captured the Egyptian sailors from the sea waters. They brought them on board their vessel and fed the Egyptian sailors as they sat cross-legged on the deck (before their captain permitted them to sit and eat). Once ashore, the captured Egyptian crew was turned over to the Israeli military police. The Egyptian vessel was towed back to Haifa, where it was repaired, and redesignated the I.N.S. "Haifa".

The books are intact, though worn and the covers frail. They are stamped by the library on board the Egyptian vessel, and First Sergeant Zohar himself has written in Hebrew that they come from the Ibrahim al Awal. This same comrade of Zohar's recounts that some twenty years later, Zohar commit suicide.

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