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Hat emblem of the Israeli Airforce, circa. 1960s-70's; weight: 1.2g.

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Israel Air Force metal airmans wings with red colored backing (for those who saw combat action), circa. 1948-mid 1950's. Somewhat unusual in design and backing: unlike most samples the design on...

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Israel Air Force (IAF) metal airman's wings with black colored backing (for flight instructors), circa. 1948-mid 1950's; 2-pronged backing and maker-marked "Michsaf"; weight: 10.50 grams; light...

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Israel Defense Forces, Air Force badge - Headpiece emblem of the [Israel] Air Force ("Kheil Ha'Avir"), with two loops side by side on the reverse, for mounting. The emblem would have been worn on a...

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Israel Air Force ("Kheil Ha'Avir") hat badge, 1960's: with screwback reverse (possibly replaced from the original) though screw itself is missing. Received from consignor whose father was in the IAF...

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Israel: Israel Air Force metal wings emblem badge for wear on berets, 1949-52; weight: 10.15g. Scarce

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