IAF airman's wings for combat action w/red backing, c.1948-1950s
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Israel Air Force metal airmans wings with red colored backing (for those who saw combat action), circa. 1948-mid 1950's. Somewhat unusual in design and backing: unlike most samples the design on these wings (particularly the leaves) is more incuse, the face is relatively flat, and the wing tips have a pronounced upturn flair; the planchet is relatively thick and the reverse is scalloped, rather than incuse; the back features a customised soldiered bolt with attached screw rather than the standard 2-pronged flat metal back, and there is no maker-mark. Weighs 11.50g (1 gram more than the usual issue). Bears some surface wear and light scratches; looks well worn and 'invested' by its apparently proud wearer. Rare.

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