Israeli Army 600th armoured brigade Yom Kippur War commemorative plaque
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IDF 600th Armored Brigade ("Khativat Shesh Meot") Yom Kippur War silvered commemorative plaque, circa. 1973-74: obverse bears a map of the Brigade's operations in the Sinai Peninsula with arrows depicting its movements, with legend beneath "Yom Kippur War 5734", and quotation "And he bore honor upon his people and wore armor like a hero" from the First Book of the Maccabees (read during the Jewish holiday of Chanukka), above an upturned helmet (symbolizing the fallen); reverse bears the Brigade's emblem.

Known as the "Paths of Fire" ("Netivey haEsh") Brigade, the unit was established in 1971 and during the Yom Kippur War formed part of Ariel Sharon's 143th Division, fighting in the Sinai. The Brigade was commanded by Tuvia Raviv and was equipped with the IDF's most advance tanks, the M-60 'Patton' (known in the IDF as the "Magakh" tank).

During the critical, early stage of the War the Brigade fought Egyptian forces around the beseiged IDF outposts along the Suez, and this scene of operations is depicted on the plaque's map: the large grey patch at lower left is the Great Bitter Lake, and the circled area at far right with a few junctions is the base called "Tasa". Sharon's force was the first to circle around the Egyptians and then cross over the Suez Canal, movements which helped win the war for the IDF.

In EF-UNC with lacquered surface and light oxidation spots in places (from the copper base); no marker-marks; weight: 153.3g; size: 61mm x 61mm.

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