Israeli Army engineering corps tallion momento, circa. late 1970s
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IDF Engineers Corps ("Kheyl Handasa") momento uniface tallion, circa. late 1970's; weight: 18.65g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the Engineers Corps (written in the old style "Kheyl Handasa" rather than "Kheyl HaHandasa") on the top right together with the Northern Regional Command emblem (of a deer) below, with legend "Momento from your unit".

The Engineering Corps is also known as the Combat Engineers Corps and forms part of the IDF's land forces; it's comprised of battalions and smaller specialized units. Although this token appears to be a Corps-wide momento and not associated with a specific 'local' unit, the Corps is nevertheless divided up along Regional Commands (of which there are 3), and so probably comes from the 605th "Makhatz" battalion (the name means "shock" but is an abbreviation of its functions: penetration, mining, demolition and channel-crossing) which is assigned to Northern Command. 

This battalion was formed after the Yom Kippur War (1973) on the basis of a reserve channel-crossing battalion which crossed the Suez in 1973, and assigned to Northern Command in 1977. The battalion's emblem is a blazing sword on a shield of blue, yellow and black stripes. On the reverse it appears the receipient etched his name, "Ran", in small letters.

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