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Israeli pioneering memorabilia: Israeli-made light green shorts made by "ATA"(possibly 1953), with British army styled brown plastic buttons - 3 concealed as a button-down fly and a two-button front...

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"Decoration of State Warriors" service decoration (for civil wear), pin and award document, awarded on or around Israel's 20th Independence Day, 2 May 1968. This decoration was awarded to members of...

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2 sets of Israeli Army and Israeli Airforce sergeant rank stripes, circa. 1950's: the Army ranks are of the earliest style, with individually stitched blue lines along each of the three stripes - and...

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IDF "Crossing Battalion" ("Gdud Tzlikha") Yom Kippur War commemorative medal, 1973; struck in bronze; no maker-mark; weight, 92.1g; size, 59mm: obverse depicts simple map of north-western Sinai...

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Yom Kippur US gratitude medal, 1973; numbered; by Shekel company

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0130091 b

Israel: 50th anniversary of Association of Former Jewish Policemen in Israel token, 1967; cast iron(?); weight: 15.45g. On reverse, the association's name in Hebrew surmounting the emblem of the...

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Israeli Army (IDF) used British paratrooper type-3 steel helmet, circa. 1948-mid-1950's. This is a BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) manufactured shell, dated 1944 and sized 7 (the size is stamped in a...

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Israel, civil guard armband - a service armband of the civil guard ("Mishmar Ezrakhi"), 1960's. The armband was worn by a civilian warden during air raid warnings, ordered civilians to turn off their...

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IDF Druze Battalion emblem: unit badge belonging to "Gdud Kherev" ('Sword Battalion') of Druze and Circassian soldiers in the Israeli Army; weight: 3.7g; not maker-marked.Druze (Bedouin and...

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Early IDF air defence pin in gold finish, circa. early 1950's; size: 11x29mm; weight: 1.2g. Design based on that of the pre-State "Haga" service run by the Yishuv, here set against the emblem of the...

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Early Israeli Army metal cap badge, 1948-50. The badge is curved, and was worn on the army's first type of hat, the so-called 'Hitelmacher' hat (see item 0110004). There are two prongs on the reverse...

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Early Israeli Army quartermasters corps metal cap badge, 1948-50. The badge is slightly curved and was worn on the army's first type of hat, the so-called 'Hitelmacher' hat (see item 0110004). There...

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Rare khaki first version of the Israeli Army 'Hitelmacher' hat with leather chin-cord, circa. 1948-1951. Of the two major varieties produced, this is the earlier, American-made issue in khaki denim,...

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0133313 a

Emblem pin of "Sayeret Givati" (elite reconnaisance) unit of the Givati Brigade, size: 2.5 x 1.5cm; weight: 1.3g. The Givati Brigade was resurrected in 1983 along with its elite reconnaisance unit,...

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