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Yom Kippur War / Israel's 25th Independence Day commemorative medal, 1973; struck in bronze; by A. Sendir; weight: 31.8g; size: 40mm: obverse depicts dove rising from flames and emblem of the Israel...

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Israeli "Ma'ariv" newspaper wartime edition for Yom Kippur War: the 10 October 1973 "Sukkot" holiday edition, on the 4th day of the war with Egypt and Syria; 20 pages long including a separate...

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Yom Kippur War token of appreciation in English, 1973: blackened bronze tallion bearing the IDF's emblem surmounted by olive wreaths, with dedication in English etched on reverse: "With Appreciation...

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Israeli "Ma'ariv" newspaper wartime edition for Yom Kippur War: the 15 October 1973 Monday edition, on the 9th day of the war; 12 pages long. Occuring the same day but not yet appearing in the day's...

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1973 Yom Kippur numbered US gratitude medal, 1973; struck in silver; by A. Sendik, produced by the Shekel medal company (not artist/maker marked); weight: 24.55g; size: 35.5mm: obverse depicts...

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Yom Kippur US gratitude medal, 1973; numbered; by Shekel company

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Set of 8 original Israeli color photos from the Yom Kippur War (1973), depicting after-battle scenes of the Sinai front with Egypt. The photos include scenes of an unidentified Israeli IDF officer...

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A lot of of 7 "Visiting Permits" of the Interior Ministry issued by the Israeli Army to Arab residents of the occupied territories, 1976-77. These 7 permits were issued by various local military and...

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Set of 3 old Israeli Army (IDF) soldiers' magazine issues of "Ba'machane" ('In the Camp' - "The Newspaper of the Soldiers of Israel"), 1949-52. The first issue (16 June 1949) commemorates one year to...

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"War of Independence" campaign Ribbon, with paper award holder from the Ministry of Defense, with "War of Independence Ribbon" stamped below. The ribbon has the early safety-pin back, and the back of...

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"Heroism Monument to the Forgers (Penetrators) of the Way to Jerusalem" / "Road of Heroism Monument" medal (ND), 1948-49; minted in silver by "Aurum" company; weight: 5.6g; size (medal + 1st...

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Tunic pin of the 12th "Barak Battalion" of the Golani infantry brigade, circa. 1950s-60s; size: 21mm; weight: 2.4g; not maker-marked.

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Rare hand-stamp of the "Association of Former Jewish Policemen in Israel" ("Igud HaShotrim HaYehudiyim LeSheavar BeIsrael"); circa. 1950s: features Hebrew legend surmounting the old emblem of the...

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