Israeli Army Ephemera


Israeli Army Intelligence Corps ("Aman") translation of Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser's treatise "The Philosophy of the Revolution", November 1954. A 51-page paperback booklet presented in the...

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Israeli military driver's license, 1948. Thick card license issued 1 August, 1948 to Alexander Feinrich to drive a motorcycle, by the Transportation Service of the military (embossed and dated stamp,...

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Set of 3 old Israeli Army (IDF) soldiers' magazine issues of "Ba'machane" ('In the Camp' - "The Newspaper of the Soldiers of Israel"), 1949-52. The first issue (16 June 1949) commemorates one year to...

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A lot of of 7 "Visiting Permits" of the Interior Ministry issued by the Israeli Army to Arab residents of the occupied territories, 1976-77. These 7 permits were issued by various local military and...

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Set of 8 original Israeli color photos from the Yom Kippur War (1973), depicting after-battle scenes of the Sinai front with Egypt. The photos include scenes of an unidentified Israeli IDF officer...

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Israeli "Ma'ariv" newspaper wartime edition for Yom Kippur War: the 15 October 1973 Monday edition, on the 9th day of the war; 12 pages long. Occuring the same day but not yet appearing in the day's...

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Israeli "Ma'ariv" newspaper wartime edition for Yom Kippur War: the 10 October 1973 "Sukkot" holiday edition, on the 4th day of the war with Egypt and Syria; 20 pages long including a separate...

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