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"Decoration of State Warriors" service decoration (for civil wear), pin and award document, awarded on or around Israel's 20th Independence Day, 2 May 1968. This decoration was awarded to members of...

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Etzioni Brigade "Defender of Jerusalem" variant badge, circa. 1948; weight: 3.4g. A solid-back badge with safety-pin reverse (typical of Israeli badges of that time). Though not documented in...

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1967 Israeli Postal Authority Workers Committee soldiers' memorial commemorative medal, 1967; struck in bronze; no makers mark; weight: 32.55g; size (medal only): 40mm x 44.5mm.Obverse legend reads...

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War of Independence campaign ribbon, with safety-pin back; weight: 3.05g. The ribbon was instituted in 1951 and issued to IDF personnel on active duty for at least 4 months between 1 February 1948...

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"Heroism Monument to the Forgers (Penetrators) of the Way to Jerusalem" / "Road of Heroism Monument" medal (ND), 1948-49; minted in silver by "Aurum" company; weight: 5.6g; size (medal + 1st...

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"War of Independence" campaign Ribbon, with paper award holder from the Ministry of Defense, with "War of Independence Ribbon" stamped below. The ribbon has the early safety-pin back, and the back of...

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Yom Kippur US gratitude medal, 1973; numbered; by Shekel company

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1973 Yom Kippur numbered US gratitude medal, 1973; struck in silver; by A. Sendik, produced by the Shekel medal company (not artist/maker marked); weight: 24.55g; size: 35.5mm: obverse depicts...

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Yom Kippur War token of appreciation in English, 1973: blackened bronze tallion bearing the IDF's emblem surmounted by olive wreaths, with dedication in English etched on reverse: "With Appreciation...

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