War of Independence campaign ribbon with award document
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"War of Independence" campaign Ribbon, with paper award holder from the Ministry of Defense, with "War of Independence Ribbon" stamped below. The ribbon has the early safety-pin back, and the back of ribbon is maker marked by "Mori" of Jerusalem.

This ribbon was awarded to all IDF personnel on active duty during at least 4 months between 1 February 1948 and 10 March 1949; all IDF personnel who were killed during the War of Independence (in this case the ribbon would be presented to the family of the soldier); others who took part in fights of the War of Independence (whose eligibility for the ribbon would be determined on a case-by-case basis); those who where confined to a border settlement for a continuous period of 120 days between the dates mentioned above; officials dealing with immigration and arms procurement, also between the dates above. Presentation of this ribbon started in 1951.

מילות מפתח: מיליטריה מיליטאריה מדליות מדליה אות אותות הנצחה הוקרה צה"ל צה"לי צבא